Open Source for Sustainable and Long lasting Phones
19 nov. , 14:00–14:50 (Europe/Paris), B00

The digital revolution promises us an ever better future for people and the planet. However, while its environmental cost is quite known nowadays, the societal and geopolitical issues triggered are more hidden and taboo. From the extraction of minerals to recycling without forgetting the planned obsolescence, the digital industry is a revolution that is far from keeping all its promises of a radiant future.

One of the main means for reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology is to extend the lifespan of our devices. Fairphone is a European manufacturer that designs and produces smartphones with the goal of having a lower environmental footprint and better social impact than the norms in the electronics industry. We will speak about how, at Fairphone, we fight planned obsolescence, we will see how the eco-design of hardware modularity is one key for longevity but we will also see the role of open source to make our devices last longer from a software perspective.

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Agnès Crepet est responsable de la longévité logicielle et de l'informatique chez Fairphone, une entreprise sociale créant un smartphone éthique, modulaire et réparable. Elle a cofondé Ninja Squad en France qui utilise et promeut l'Open Source et publie des livres informatiques à prix libre. Elle est également activement impliquée dans différentes communautés. Elle a cofondé MiXiT, un événement Tech annuel en France depuis 2011, avec près de 1000 participant.e.s et intervenant.e.s, qui travaille pour plus de diversité et d'éthique dans la Tech. Elle est également dans le board de Duchess France depuis 2010 qui rend les femmes dans l'informatique plus visibles.

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Luca Weiss works as Android Platform Engineer at Fairphone working on extending the software lifespan of phones, enabling them to last longer. He is also maintaining and contributing to many open source projects such as postmarketOS, a Linux distribution for phones, and contributes various patches to the Linux kernel.

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