Mainline Linux on Fairphone? Yes, please!
19 nov. , 10:30–11:20 (Europe/Paris), A001

An introduction what "mainline Linux" actually means for mobile devices. How to replace the "downstream Linux", so the kernel provided by the device manufacturer and which is heavily patched, by a version closer to the version on We'll go into what this means for longevity and also 3rd party software.
We'll look at the different Fairphone devices that have come out over the years and their current status in mainline Linux and what the future might hold.

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Luca Weiss works as Android Platform Engineer at Fairphone working on extending the software lifespan of phones, enabling them to last longer. He is also maintaining and contributing to many open source projects such as postmarketOS, a Linux distribution for phones, and contributes various patches to the Linux kernel.

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